EGC Events

Thursday Night Scramble

Every Thursday night at 5:30 Members and Guests are invited to play in the Scramble. Each week offers a different format and teams are organized based on handicaps. Players can aquire points throughout they year and those with the highest total can compete to win the end of the year Shoot-Out. Golfers can sign up each Thursday in the Golf Shop or by phone before 5:00 pm.

Couples Golf

Couples golf tournaments take place once a month every summer. The event is 9 holes with an 18 hole tournament at the end of the season. The teams consist of one man and one woman and the format is Select Shot.

Glow Ball

The Glow Ball tournament takes place every summer. 9 holes are played in the daylight and 9 holes in the dark. Teams consist of 3 players and are flighted. Dinner is served between 9's and prizes are awarded.

'2- Man' & '3-Man' Tournaments

The '2-man' takes place in the spring and '3-man' in the fall. Members and guests are invited to form teams and compete in these events. All teams are flighted and prizes are awarded!